My dear, I am desperate for you.

I know you are out there somewhere and I am desperate for you. Is he you? I do not know. My heart is telling me no but I am so tired of waiting that I am convincing myself that maybe.. maybe he is you.

Please be the flirty type and turn me on with every word you say. Please be the flirty type who is not afraid to hold me, kiss me and caress me in public because you love me so.

Please be the thinking type, let me win then beat me in our debate. Please be the thinking type and endure with me this over-thinking disorder. Please be the thinking type, because as our thoughts intertwine, I belong to you.

Please be strong, not physically, but mentally. Lift me up with your will and protect me with your love. Please be strong when you cry to me, to me and only me.

Please be open minded, to accept yourself, to accept me and the world we are to build together. Please be open minded for our kids and the roads that they will take. Please be open minded because only then will you realize how vast is my love for you.

Please be into sport. I will try and will fail to understand your passion for sport but I will be there at the games with you. I will be there at your practice, at your competition and at your sport meets. I will tape the games for you when you are stuck at work. I will do chest bump with you when our team scores. When you play, I will be at the sideline, cheering you on because there is nothing else I rather do.

Please know your way around the kitchen, not so you can be my personal chef but just so we can cook together. Please make the rice as I make the main dishes. When I wash the dishes with soap, please rinse them with water. As we wash the dishes together, I may stop abruptly to kiss you, simply because I love you so.

Please be the type who reads. I want to tell you about Ender’s Game and how many times I have reread To Kill the Mockingbird. I promise I will not ditch the Godfather or Catcher in the Rye even though I’m not very fond of them. Tell me about the books you read, why you love them, why you hate them and I will fall in love with you over and over again.

Please have integrity. Please stand your ground but recognize that integrity is not static. Demand my respect and I shall be at your mercy.

Please love music. Sing duet with me. Sing off-key and I will kiss you smiling. Spend hours with me getting lost in music.

Please be a Beatles fan. I want to sing In My Life to you on our anniversaries. I will hum Here Comes the Sun to you on a summer day. Please dance to Twist and Shout with me simply because we can.

Please be patient with me. I know I am no perfection. I am clingy, and weak for you. Please be patient with me because I am plagued with crazy hormones.  Please be patient with me and melt my heart during my most ridiculous moments.

Please stand by me. Truly, honey, ignore my pleads and demand. Besides your love, this is my only request. Please stand by me because I do not plan to fail you. Please stand by me so I can reach for your hand when I fall, so I can reach for your heart when I’m tired, so I can hold you when you’re down. Please stand by me because I am scared to stand alone. Please stand by me because I need you more than anything.

Until the day we meet.